LAUD is the first online platform for accessing translated and synchronized lyrics

LAUD provides not only lyrics for songs, but also translations of those lyrics into many languages. Both lyrics and translations are synchronized. In the same way you can watch a movie with subtitles, you can listen to a song and read the lyrics, or its translation to a specific language. Each phrase is displayed in the exact moment those words are sang. This makes it very easy for the listener to understand the lyrics of foreign songs, or just to sing along with their favorite artists.
And even more: artist, album and song metadata, guitar tabs, and much more is available on LAUD.

“Every time people ask me what LAUD is, I reply it is a communication tool, just like a social network or chat room, because thanks to LAUD’s work people from all over the world can connect and understand each other through music, by the simple fact of understanding what the song they listen to mean.”

Guillermo Pomeranz – LAUD, Corp. CEO.

Who is LAUD for?

Digital music industry is rapidly growing and evolving. Music platforms are spreading around the globe as an answer to years of piracy, looking to satify more demanding users on a daily basis. Meanwhile, musicians and composers try to be profitable although they live in a constant preasure due to the fierce dynamics of property rights share distribution.

The music industry and its different actors urgently need new ways to generate income.

In this context, LAUD emerges as an original service provided to all music platforms through a huge inventory of the most popular songs, translations and metadata. Any user, while enjoying its favorite music from any device, visualizes in a synchronized manner the original lyrics as well as the translation into his or her own language, following a subtitled format.

LAUD platform works on a Saas Cloud B2B model through API or SDK integration with music platforms,cable companies, portals, OEMs, electronics manufacturers, and mobile app developers.

It’s available as an Add-on, bundle or a freemium model



Music publishers

LAUD is working closely with the major music publishers (Sony/ATV, Kolbalt, Warner Chappell, Peermusic, etc),

We have multiple agreements so that users around the world can enjoy their favorite songs translated into their own languages.


Content creators and providers

If you are a content creator or content provider, we would love to help you reach our clients via our API. We license only lyrics for songs that have been commercially released.

Contact us for more information


original lyrics


translated lyrics


artists metadata

1.2 Million


Technologic platform

The LAUD API was designed to be easy to implement, following the industry standards.

We created the LAUD API with content providers, music streamming servers and developers in mind, so
If you have a streaming service or a music app and want to add synchronized lyrics and translations to your product, feel free to write to us for more information.

Backend for customers and partners

  • Traffic by country, users, evolution
  • Usage reports, avg. playing time, frequency
  • Device used per session
  • Publisher
  • Revenue generated


Examples of the LAUD API in action

Mobile music player with translated lyrics powered by LAUD

Floating lyrics for mobile and desktop

Our plans


Up to 5,000 API queries

Original and Translated lyrics

Metadata (artist, albums, titles, etc)

KPI Dashboard

1 Application


Up to 50,000 API queries

Original and Translated lyrics

Metadata (artist, albums, titles, etc)

KPI Dashboard

5 Applications


500,000 API queries

Original and Translated lyrics

Metadata (artists, albums, titles, etc)

KPI Dashboard

15 Applications

Artists news and updates

Music scores (comming soon)